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  河南自考英语(二)真题 (课程代码0015)


  Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure(10 points,1 point each)


  1.It is difficult to ____ he implication between the lines.

  A.get to B.get with C.get at D.get down

  2.The volleyball match was televised____0n CCTV.

  A.alive B.1ife C.1ive D.1ively

  3. The newspaper will have to close down if it cannot increase its considerably.

  A.distribution B.contribution C.prescription D.circulation

  4. The central theatre has a seating ____ of more than 3,000 people.

  A.capability B.capacity C.ability D.facility

  5.The furniture in her bedroom is quite different from ____ in the living room.

  A.that B.it C.one D.which

  6. Because of the bad weather, the sports meet had to be____.

  A.shut down B.done away C.taken off D.called off

  7.Jenny complained that the hospital—her too much for the treatment.

  A.expended B.paid C.cost D.charged

  8. Having decided to rent a flat,we ____ contacting housing agencies in the city.

  A.set about B.set down C.set out D.set up

  9.The book fair has received a positive ____ from readers.

  A.result B.response C.settlement D.solution

  10.If the operation ____ carefully prepared,it would not have been successful·

  A.was not B.has not been C.had not been D.were not

Ⅱ.Cloze Test(10 points,1 point each)



  The basic principle of radar is illustrated by what happens when one shouts in a cave.The echo of the shouting __11__ the walls helps a person determine the size of the cave.With radar,however,the waves are radio waves instead of __12__ waves.Radio waves travel __13__ the speed of light,about 300,000 kilometers in a second.A radar set __14__ a short burst of radio waves.Then it receives the echoes __15__ when the waves bounce(反射)off objects.By determining the time it __16__ for the echoes to return to the radar set,a trained technician __17__ determine the distance between the radar set and other objects.The word “radar”,__18__,gets its name from the term “radio detection and ranging”, “Ranging” is the term for detection of the __19__ between an object and the radar set.

  Besides being of critical importance to pilot,radar is __20__ for air traffic control,for tracking ships at sea,and for tracking weather systems and storms.

  11.A.through B.for C.on D.against

  12.A.sound B.light C.heat D.tide

  13.A.in B.at C.over D.on

  14.A.sends out B.works out C.figures out D.puts out

  15.A.producing B.produced C.produce D.produces

  16.A.spends B.takes C.kills D.makes

  17.A.can B.must C.ought to D.has to

  18.A.in case B.in turn C.in short D.in fact

  19.A.1ength B.width C.distance D.space

  20.A.eventual B.internal C.external D.essential

  Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension(30 points,2 points each)


  Passage One

  Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

  Among the company was a lawyer, a young man of about twenty.five.On being asked his opinion,he said,“Capital punishment and life imprisonment are equally immoral.If l were to make a choice between them,1 would rather choose the latter.Anyway, it’s better to live than not to live at all.”

  A lively discussion followed.A banker who was then younger and more nervous than the lawyer, suddenly lost his temper and cried out,“It’s a lie.I bet you two millions.You wouldn’t stick in a cell even for five years.”

  “If you mean it,”replied the young lawyer, “I bet I'll stay there longer;make it fifteen instead of five.”

  “Fifteen! Done!” cried the banker.“Gentleman,I bet you two millions.”

  “Agreed.Two millions for my freedom,”said the lawyer.

  So this wild,ridiculous bet came to pass.The banker could not hide his excitement.During supper he said to the lawyer jokingly, “Come to your senses,young man,before it’s too late.Two millions are nothing to me,but you stand to lose three or four of the best years of your life.I say three or four because you’11 never stick it out any longer.Don’t forget that voluntary imprisonment is much harder to put up with than an enforced one.The idea that you have the right to free yourself any moment will poison your life in the cell.I pity you.”

  And now the banker, pacing from comer to corner, recalled all this and asked

  himself , “Why did I make this bet? What’s the good? The lawyer lost fifteen years of his life and I threw away two millions.Will it convince people that capital punishment is worse or better than imprisonment for life?N0,no! Rubbish! On my part,it was the caprice(心血来潮)of a well—fed millionaire;on the lawyer’s part.It's the pure greed of gold.”

  21.The lawyer would choose life imprisonment because____

  A.he was younger than the banker

  B.capital punishment Was immoral .

  C.it was better than capital punishment

  D.the banker would give him $200,000

  22.The author considers the bet between the lawyer and the banker____

  A.interesting B.ridiculous

  C.capricious D.instructive

  23.The word ‘company’ in the first paragraph refers to____

  A。companions B.bankers

  C.1awyers D.prisoners

  24.The banker Was extremely excited because____

  A.he Was too rich to care for the money

  B.he Was sure of his winning the bet

  C.the lawyer would give up in l 5 years

  D.the lawyer would give up before 5 years

  25.In the end,the banker considers his bet with the lawyer____

  A.rational B.reasonable

  C.beneficial D.unreasonable

  Passage Two

  Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

  Online learning is also called distance education,which helps students who talk in classes by computer over the Internet to learn certain courses and earn a degree. And it has become more and more popular with both young people and education institutions.

  The School of Continuing and Professional Studies of New York University Manhattan began online classes in l 992.Its Virtual School has taught more than 10000 students from across the United States and other countries.

  Last year, the school launched NYU Online.It offers NYU's first online programs for a bachelor's degree. Programs are offered in three areas:leadership and management,information systems management and social sciences. The classes are highly interactive, where students communicate with each other and their teachers.Some classes require students to log in at the same time SO they can attend live lectures by a professor.Students call also ask questions and work together on team projects.

  The cost to attend NYU Online depends on how many classes a student is to take.It costs as much as fifteen thousand dollars a year.NYU offers no financial aid for international students in this program.If you are interested in the program,you Can get more details at the website:www.nyu.edu.

  Many other schools,too,offer online education.Students should be especially careful of programs that offer a degree in return for little or no work.These are known as diploma mills,and are illegal in the United States.

  Educational advisers also say that before you enter any program,make sure the work will be recognized in your country.You should also make sure the schools you are officially approved.

  26. The third paragraph is mainly about the ____ of the programs of the school.

  A.academic goal and system

  B.courses and learning mode

  C.1earning methods and classes

  D.courses and requirements

  27. It can be inferred from the passage that international students in the programs____.

  A.get full scholarship

  B.pay no tuition

  C.get no financial support

  D.earn more money

  28.Many American schools offer online programs,and international students____.

  A.should be careful of being cheated

  B.are certain to earn a degree

  C.should know about programming

  D.are faced with many difficulties

  29.The word ‘work’ in the second line of the last paragraph most probably means____.

  A.what a student has written at school

  B.what a student has learned at school

  C.what a student has read at school

  D.what a student has achieved academically

  30.The payment for online programs of NYUT is based on____.

  A.the number of classes a student attends

  B.the number of students a professor instructs

  C.the number of semesters a student spends

  D.the number of presentations a student makes

  Passage Three

  Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

  An understanding of man’s effect on the balance of nature is crucial(关键的)to being able to find the appropriate remedial action.It is a very common belief that the problems of the population explosion are caused mainly by poor people living in poor countries who do not know enough to limit their reproduction.This is not true.The actual number of people in an area is not as important as the effect they have on nature.Developing countries do have an effect on their environment,but it is the populations of richer countries that have a far greater impact on the earth as a whole.

  For example,tropical forests are known to be essential to the balance of nature,yet we are destroying them at a great rate.They are being cleared not to benefit the natives of that country, but to satisfy the needs of rich countries.Central American forests are being destroyed for grassland to make pet food in the United States cheaper;in Papua New Guinea,forests are destroyed to supply cheaper cardboard packaging for Japanese electronic products;in Burma and Thailand,forests have been destroyed to produce more attractive furniture in Singapore and Hong Kong.Therefore,a rich person living thousands of miles away may cause more tropical forest destruction than a poor person living in the forest itself.

  In short,it is everybody’s duty to safeguard the future of mankind--not only through population control,but by being more aware of the effect his actions have on nature.Nature is both fragile and powerful.It is very easily destroyed;on the other hand,it can easily destroy its most dangerous enemy—man.

  31.According to the first paragraph,people usually believe that____.

  A.poor people in poor countries contribute to the imbalance of nature

  B.rich people know how to protect the environment by taking actions

  C.people in poor areas know a lot about the birth control

  D.rich people in rich countries have done a lot to balance nature

  32.In the author’s opinion,____.

  A.developing countries should be responsible for environmental problems

  B.overpopulation in the world is created by the developed countries

  C.rich countries exercise worse influence on environment than poor countries

  D.all countries should bring the population growth under control

  33.The purpose of the second paragraph is mainly to illustrate ____.

  A.how the forests in the U.S.are being destroyed

  B.which countries are the victims of the imbalance of nature

  C.what Japan has done to develop its own economy

  D.how South Asian countries make quality furniture

  34.Nature is very easily destroyed by____.

  A.rich people B.poor people

  C.natural disasters D.mankind

  35.The topic of the passage is that ____.

  A.the control of population is essential to the development of a nation

  B.natural resources are important to the economic development of a country

  C.awareness of the effects of man’s actions is as important as population control

  D.developed countries should do more to protect natural environment on the earth

  IV.Word Spelling(10 points,1 point for two items)



  36.到国外;在国外 ad. a_ _ _ _ _

  37.相反的;不利的 a.a_ _ _ _ _ _

  38.帝国 n.e_ _ _ _ _

  39.典礼,仪式 n.c_ _ _ _ _ _ _

  40.环境;境遇 n.c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  41.密集度,稠密度 n. d_ _ _ _ _ _

  42.出现,涌现 v. e_ _ _ _ _

  43.扩大,放大 n. e_ _ _ _ _ _

  44.特征,特色 n. f_ _ _ _ _ _

  45.杂志 n. m_ _ _ _ _ _ _

  46.移民,侨民 n. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  47.许可;执照 n. l_ _ _ _ _ _

  48.同时,其间 n. m_ _ _ _ _ _ _

  49.需要,必需品 n. n_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  50.服从,听从 v. o_ _ _

  51.四月 a. t_ _ _ _ _

  52.根本的,激进的 a. r_ _ _ _ _ _

  53.狡猾的;难处理的 a. t_ _ _ _ _

  54.策略,战略 n. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _

  55.宇宙的,普遍的 a. u_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  V.Word Form(10 points,1 point each)


  56.Small shops offer products that range from inexpensive to expensive,_______ (depend)on the shop.

  57.Our training program covers a range of______(effect)management techniques.

  58.Large sums of money have to______(spend)each year on railway construction

  59.He saw a letter lying on the table______(address)to him.

  60.It is highly_____(desire)that the government give the company more financial


  61.She had all outward_____ (appear),but deep down she was really worried.

  62.There are a_____ (surprise)large number of mistakes in the test paper.

  63.Weather_____ (permit),the football match will be played on Wednesday.

  64.He lay perfectly still and_____ (play)dead to escape capture by the enemy.

  65.We are supposed_____ (follow)the teachers’ instructions .

  Ⅵ.Translation from Chinese into English(15 points,3 points each)







  Ⅶ. Translation from English into Chinese (15 points)


  When you turn on the television,put on your shoes or drive to a store,you're using energy.Energy is one of the most fundamental forces in the world. Animals use energy to walk and run.Trees and plants use energy to grow.People use it to work and play.Energy is everywhere in nature--in the light of the sun,in the wind,in the forest,in water currents and erupting volcanoes.Without energy, there is no life.We use our own energy constantly and we continually make use of all kinds of energy.

  Energy can be divided into two different types:stored energy and dynamic energy.Stored energy is called potential energy, and the latter refers to energy in motion.If you stretch out a rubber band,this produces potential energy.If you let it go,it moves and produces the dynamic energy.